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What is PriceMiner®?
PriceMiner® is the world's largest online price guide that helps you:

- Identify your items by viewing photos of similar items
- Ascertain current value
- Determine maker or artist
- View items currently for sale matching your search
- Find a venue to sell items

With just a few mouse-clicks you get powerful data that helps you price your inventory correctly and/or pay according to an item's true value and best of all PriceMiner® does the analysis for you saving you time and money.

Sources include eBay, GoAntiques and TIAS for online records and Philips DePury, David Rago Art & Auction Center, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Stanley Gibbons and more representing the land-based houses. PriceMiner® is the most up-to-date price and identification guide available.


What analytical tools are available in PriceMiner®?
In PriceMiner®, you not only have the ability to look at items individually, you also have the ability to compare a set of items. The comparison information is displayed in easy to understand tables and graphs. Historical price trends, least/most expensive items and low/high estimates are just some of the information provided to you when comparing items.

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Info Center
Info Center contains a wealth of information. Within Info Center you can access a searchable database of stories and articles from some of the best-known authors and authorities in the antiques and collectibles industry. Here you can read interesting and informative articles on a wide array of subjects including repair, restoration and conservation of antiques, hiring an appraiser and many specific areas of collecting.

In addition to these articles, Info Center has a Quick Reference area that allows you access timetables of furniture periods and styles, Chinese and Japanese periods as well as U.S. Patent dates issued. All of this just a click away!

Into Collecting... Want to find others with the same interest? Info Center also has a Collecting Club Directory with over 4,000 active collecting clubs from around the world. Share your passion!

What the Experts are Saying...
"Research is the key to riches in the secondary market, and no one can memorize everything. PriceMiner® gives you the ability to access credible prices-realized in numerous categories and genres with a click and a key-stroke."

– Gary Sohmers, Wex Rex - Host of "Calling All Collectors" Radio Show and Appraiser of Toys, Collectibles and Pop Culture on the Antiques Roadshow

"For professionals and non-professionals alike, PriceMiner® is a cost-effective and intuitive service for determining values and value trends for nearly anything antique or collectible. Information is king, and whether you're buying or selling, PriceMiner gives you the peace of mind to do so with confidence."

– Dave Maloney, ISA CAPP, AOA CM - Director of "Ask the Appraiser" and Author of "Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory".

Now Available on Wireless Devices!
PriceMiner® is now available on handheld mobile devices such as the Palm and Smartphones. So, starting today, you can use PriceMiner® to value and price items for buying or selling from the floors of antiques shows, auctions and anywhere else with access to the wireless web!


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