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What is PriceMiner®?

PriceMiner® is the world's largest online price guide that helps you:

- Identify your items by viewing photos of similar items
- Ascertain current value
- Determine maker or artist
- View items currently for sale matching your search
- Find a venue to sell items

With just a few mouse-clicks you get powerful data that helps you price your inventory correctly and/or pay according to an item's true value and best of all PriceMiner® does the analysis for you saving you time and money.

Pricing information is currently provided from the following sources:
GoAntiques: Sales information dating back to 1998
eBay: Sales information from the last two years for certain categories - view list
Tias: Sales information dating back to 1998
Auction Houses: Sales information dating back to 2002

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For your added convenience, you can access PriceMiner® not only from your home/office computer, but also from your PDA, SmartPhone or other wireless device. Walk through the aisles of an antiques store or an auction with the power of PriceMiner® in the palm of your hand! More Info


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